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Cheat India (2019) Surya movies – full movie Review

Cheat India (2019) Surya movies – full movie Review
Cheat India (2019) Surya movies – full movie Review

Review of the film Cheat India: the material is thin and very extended during two hours, since it goes from the engineering-medicine to the management, the Holy Grail.

Why Cheat India movie cast: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwantary, Snighadeep Chatterjee
Why Cheat India movie director: Soumik Sen
Why Cheat India movie rating: One and a half stars

Why do so many students in India resort to cheating during exams? Why Cheat India (formerly Cheat India) has a worthy issue, because it affects the lives of many of our young people, as they assault day and night to break that test that will take them and their families out of the relentless work routine and poverty.

Rakesh Singh, also known as Rocky (Hashmi), is a savior for those millions of parents and children who know that a degree in engineering or medicine is a passport to a better life. The fact that it does so by wholly dubious means is presented as a need for winks, because how else does a student get a seat (whose numbers are limited) after beating others (whose numbers are unlimited)?

Well done, this film about cheating and pretending, and winning and losing could have been a timely and forceful exposition: of a corrupt and corrupt educational system that establishes more punctuation in the learning of memory instead of learning in itself, and a society that values ​​the end and turns a blind eye towards the middle.

But Why Cheat India is disjointed and disappointing, not knowing exactly which side it is on, even if it spends time showing us how greed can ruin good students, and how parents can put pressure on their children in their struggle to break the gap vicious between the present debt and the potential income.

The material is thin and too extended for two hours, as it moves from engineering-medicine to management, the Holy Grail. The entry of “gundas” with firearms and the theft of questionnaires, and an unconvincing angle of revenge, makes everything ridiculous.

A couple of acts: Snighadeep Chatterjee as Sattu, the good student turned bad, and Shreya Dhanawantary as Nupur, the girl who works hard to get Rocky’s attention, are good. However, Hashmi, who can be excellent as the normal guy on the wrong side of the tracks, is not shocking enough, which allows his character the luxury of doing evil and giving lectures denouncing the same thing.

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